Peter Kociha is a London based Interior & Architectural Photographer specialising in residential and commercial sector. He is keen on customer service, making sure that not only the final photographs are of superb quality but also the whole process of collaboration is a smooth and enjoyable experience.

About Peter KocihaSince early childhood Peter had a strong affection towards different kinds of visual interpretations of the three-dimensional space. This eventually led to a diploma in Architecture. During his studies he was involved in several projects as a 3D visualiser and later also as an interior designer. At the same time he started to discover his passion for photography and to realise the close relationship between 3D visualisations and architectural photography. The passion gradually grew into a hobby and eventually became a full time profession.

Peter collaborates on various projects around London with interior designers, restaurant owners, lighting designers, architects, engineers, fit out companies and other professionals in the industry.

Image quality relates to persuasion

Images play a major role in defining how we come to know architecture and interior spaces. Because photography is pivotal in understanding the built environment, selecting the right photographer for documenting your project is just as important decision to make as to choose upon the architectural style and design elements.

You aren’t merely documenting your work but are actively trying to convince other people that yours is the best of its class. Photography, like any other custom service, is never a “one size fits all” proposition, but a matter of finding the right person for the job.

The quality of the photography you use to represent your designs is a reflection of your firm’s values and affects how the market place perceives your business. There will always be someone willing to photograph your project at a lower price. A “bargain” can easily turn into an expensive problem when the resulting images do not meet expectations and have to be re-photographed.

Commissioning a professional architectural photographer is an investment that can prevent frustration while saving time and money. Most importantly, the photographs you receive will be a valuable resource for your marketing as well as a source of inspiration and legitimate pride.